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Third day at Picnic08

Here is the liveblog from the third day at Picnic in Amsterdam: Since I am also speaking, it is likely that I will only be able to post snippets here and there…

Second day at Picnic08 in Amsterdam

Phew! It was a long day yesterday, and I had a nice walk through Amsterdam to come to the Westerpark where Picnic is. Ready for the second day of the conference! There is a lot to see also beyond the speeches, so it is likely that I won’t liveblog continuously along the day, but take […]

Picnic 08 in Amsterdam

Picnic 08 in Amsterdam unites creators, technologists, policy makers, in an exciting environment. Here are some notes as I attend the conference:

Are you registered for the coming US elections?

 As in all democracies, the right to vote in elections is a fundamental one in the United States Of America as well. However, contrary to other countries with a more centralized approach, the rules for exercising this right in the USA are incredibly complicated, and cumbersome to follow. First of all, you have to be […]

Live blogging from the Virtual Worlds Expo – Day 2

Here is the live blog of the second day of the Virtual Worlds Expo in Los Angeles, starting at 9AM PST. (Please note that the live blog is via a plugin from Coveritlive, and you won’t be getting the text of it if you receive my posts via email. You have to watch it over […]

Live blogging from the Virtual Worlds Expo in Los Angeles

Here it is, in real time…

Augmented Reality at the Virtual Worlds Conference & Expo

I am packing to leave for the Virtual Worlds Conference & Expo, where kindly invited by my friend Roo, I will be speaking on the Augmented Reality panel in the Future Track. For the panel I will express two concepts: The realities are augmented by our knowledge, and we traverse them via our agent identities. […]

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