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Singularity Summit 08

Tomorrow in San Jose, under the tagline “Opportunity, Risk, Leadership”, the 2008 Singularity Summit will explore the state of AGI research, and implementation, and discuss the visions of the leading thinkers of the field of accelerating technological change, and its impact on society. The Summit is not going to be streamed live, but the videos […]

Bruce Sterling’s Italian twin brother Bruno Argento

Science fiction writers always knew that they shaped reality. It was only reality’s fault if it was unable to give at any given point substance to their dreams. Playing catchup, reality was recently able to dispel some of the feeling of betrayed nostalgia that many of us had for the despicable lack of interplanetary travel, […]

SHiFT puts Portugal’s startup scene in touch with the World

I was speaking this week at SHiFT08 in Lisbon. This conference has been put together by a group of volunteers led by Pedro Custodio, with passion, joy, and a lot of creativity. For smaller, and relatively isolated markets like Portugal, these are excellent, and very important opportunities to make sure that their startup culture is […]

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