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Come to the OpenSpime Drink-Link!

Do you want to experiment with spimes, have a first look at the preliminary OpenSpime architecture? Are you a hardware hacker, a maker, a mashup-wizard? Want to play with spimified Arduinos, SunSpots, iPhones, and more? Than come to for the OpenSpime Drink-Link! In a relaxed and friendly environment in design-crazed, fashion-full Milan, we will […]

One click too many: hail to the sysadmin and the scrupolous commenter both!

Imagine the nightmare scenario: your blog is doing ok, but you know it needs a total refresh for many, many reasons. You decide to do it, and find the right team, but before they can begin, the machine, which happens to be a virtual machine sitting on some hardware, needs to be rebuilt, so that […]

Why is Creative Commons great? My Flickr reuse stories

Creative Commons is a framework for easily labeling your creations with licenses that grant automatically rights which are broader than the ones under the traditional ‘All rights reserved’ copyright model. It doesn’t mean that you are giving away or giving up your copyright, but that who wants to use your work knows, with the help […]

Transcript of my talk at Sophrosyne’s Saturday Salon

Here is the transcript of my talk at Sophrosyne’s Saturday Salon from yesterday, entitled “The New Renaissance”. It is fairly long: you can find the full text on Scribd. [13:04] Sophrosyne Stenvaag: Hey everybody, welcome – we’ll be starting in a few minutes – still lots of people coming in – If this is your […]

Strategic Marketing Evolves – lecture at the California School of International Management

Here is the slidecast of my lecture from yesterday at the California School of International Management | View | Upload your own David Orban “Strategic Marketing Evolves – The changing role of brands in the network age” Disintermediation is immediacy. After a hiatus of ten thousand years, during which more and more sophisticated tools were […]

Open Government Data Principles

I spent this weekend in Sebastopol, where I took part in the gathering of 30 open government advocates to develop a set of principles of open government data. The meeting was designed to develop a more robust understanding of why open government data is essential to democracy. The Internet is the public space of the […]

Liveblogging at Web2.0 Expo in Berlin

09.00 The organization at the Web2.0 Expo is excellent, as well as public transportation in Berlin. I am sure there are a lot of people living here, but they don’t bother each other too much! It is easy to get around and arrive in time where you want to. Little big things like a functional […]

Speaking at Web2.0 Ignite tomorrow about the Metasocial Web

Well, that was fast. I thought of the Metasocial Web a few days ago, and looks like I will be delivering a speech about it at Web2.0 Ignite in Berlin tomorrow. A lot of what the Metasocial Web should be is in flux, naturally, so it will be good to get the feedback from the […]

Going to Berlin for the Web2.0 Expo

I am going to the Web2.0 Expo in Berlin. It is the first time that I participate in person in an O’Reilly conference, after having been an observer and commenter of the Web2.0 conferences, and am very much looking forward to it. The energy is apparent already! Web2.0 eats its own dog food, luckily, so […]

Press roundup of my Virtual Worlds Forum talk

At the Virtual Worlds Forum so much has happened really that it will take still many posts to get it all out of my head, if ever. Much quicker then me, because of course it is their job, and also they’ve got to move on to other assignments, journalists, and pro bloggers are giving a […]

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